I am interested in exploring spaces and building narrative artefacts.

I run my studio in Zurich where I refuse to focus on a certain medium or discipline. Instead I welcome the unknown territory of design problems. I create whatever suits the situation be it objects, concepts, installations, imagery, text or a mix of them.

I studied design in Cologne, Paris and Glasgow. After that I split my time between London and Cologne and amongst others curated the exhibition ‘60 Sekunden Design’ at the MAK Museum for Applied Arts together with two colleagues. I then worked for seven years as a researcher and lecturer at Zurich University of the Arts.

In 2017 I completed my doctoral studies at the University of Art and Design in Linz. In my thesis I examine drawing as a means of knowledege. My interest is in visual thinking, experimental settings and the space seperating theory and practice. I regularly exhibit and speak about my work in- and outiside of Switzerland.

I am a maker and an observer. I recently published an article on the dilemma of being a designer and researcher at the same time. Eckstein, M., 'Researching from the other side', in G. Buurman and M. Rölli, (ed.), The Intrinsic Logic of Design, Zurich, 2015, p. 190-194.



Meike Eckstein
Kochstr. 18
CH-8004 Zürich