I am interested in exploring spaces and building narrative artefacts.

I refuse to focus on a certain medium or discipline. Instead I welcome the unknown territory of design problems. I create whatever suits the situation be it objects, concepts, installations, imagery, exhibitions, text or a mix of them.

I studied design in Cologne, Paris and Glasgow. I then split my time in between London and Cologne before I moved to Zurich. I work as a lecturer, curator, researcher and author, e.g. MAKK Museum of Applied Arts Cologne and Zurich University of the Arts.

In 2017 I completed my doctoral studies. In my thesis I examine drawing as a means of knowledege. My interest is in visual thinking, experimental settings and the space in between theory and practice. I regularly talk about my work and lecture across Europe and abroad.

I am a maker and an observer. I published an article on the dilemma of being a designer and researcher at the same time. Eckstein, M., 'Researching from the other side', in G. Buurman and M. Rölli, (ed.), The Intrinsic Logic of Design, Niggli, Zurich, 2015, p. 190-194. (English and german edition)

Recently published books:
Eckstein, M.: Experimente dazu, wie etwas Abgebildetes entsteht: Das Zeichnen als Erkenntnismittel in der praxisbsierten Forschung, Niggli, Zurich, 2018.

Vetter, P., Leuenberger, K., Eckstein, M.: No Style: Ernst Keller (1891–1968) – Teacher and Pioneer of the Swiss Style, Triest, Zurich, 2017. (English and german edition)



Meike Eckstein
Bernerstrasse Nord 182
CH-8064 Zürich